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Tired of looking for answers to your gadget questions?

Annoyed with online searches &
only finding answers that don't
match your device?

Wasting time talking on the
phone with tech support?

Wysdom is here!

One place to get all of the answers to your gadget questions. Ask us anything.  

Your Device is the best place to get answers.

It knows all of its settings, anything you've downloaded and modifications you've made.

Only with all of that relevant information can the best answers be found for you.

Wysdom will combine all of the information that your device can send (nothing personal of course) and use that to find you the best answer.

Our tech advisors are available to help you with any questions no matter how complicated or simple.

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Are you a paid subscriber & your device is not working?

Only use this portal if your device is not working. Wysdom uses information from your device to give you the best answers.