Research indicates the Internet of Things contains some 10 billion+ wireless connected devices today and will grow to 50 billion devices by 2020.

SOURCE: ABI Research | Tech Crunch

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Where will your customers turn when they have trouble with their devices and services?

The gadgets in our lives are awesome until they don’t work. Customer experience is the ultimate differentiator. Don’t leave your customers out in the cold when they have questions. Give them the self-care tools they want.

Millions of customers are using Wysdom today to get quick, effective and personalized answers to their questions.

Current self-care solutions are failing your customers.

Web searches return thousands of results forcing your customers to work to filter out the irrelevant info, forums deliver mostly noise and take up customer’s time. The problem is that these tools are blind to customer’s unique characteristics and the answers are generally useless.

CrowdCare has created a cognitive customer care platform that solves today’s problems and scales to the size of the IoT.

By using Natural Language Processing (NLP) enhanced by data from many sources and a rules engine for analytics CrowdCare delivers highly qualified answers directly to customers. The service is delivered through a mobile app or web site making it accessible by customers where and when they need it.

CrowdCare uses a stream of actual questions from customers to continuously train a unique knowledge base that includes meta-data along with a typical article. This allows an article to find the customer when they need it without the typical hassles involved in traditional self-care.

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USA Today says Wysdom is
the most effective smartphone
tech support solution to date.

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wysdom is how you deliver great customer support for the Internet of Things

Help Your Customers Help Themselves. Provide instant actionable
answers at the moment of need

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