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Introducing wysdom by CrowdCare

The Customer Support Layer
for the Internet of Things

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Research indicates the Internet of Things
contains some 10 billion+ wireless connected
devices today and will grow to 50 billion devices by 2020.

SOURCE: ABI Research | Tech Crunch

What happens when Customers can’t figure out how to make them work?

Call centers and forums are not the answer ...

Traditional call centers can cost $50/case which has driven vendors and service providers to launch forums and FAQs. Pushing customers to Google or Forums saves money but both are blind to the customer's unique device characteristics.
Without device information as context, the answers are generally useless.

Introducing wysdom

CrowdCare has created a next gen customer care platform for the Internet of Things.

By using machine read data from mobile devices and a rules engine for analytics we deliver highly qualified answers to customers. The service is delivered through a mobile app, which gathers customer questions combined with thousands of machine read device parameters. The cloud based rules engine interprets the data and delivers the most relevant answer to the customer.
CrowdCare uses the stream of actual questions from customers to continuously grow their unique knowledge base. CrowdCare has initially deployed this platform to answer the 10 billion annual questions smartphone customers are asking with plans to expand support to all IoT devices.

wysdom is how you
deliver great customer support
for the Internet of Things

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